26 April 2005

Walnut egg after oiling - view 1

This is what the walnut egg looks like after finishing. I first soaked it in Watco Natural Danish Oil, let it dry, applied a second coat the next day, and rubbed that dry. The following day I applied straight beeswax and buffed it thoroughly. The result is a soft luster rather than a glossy finish. It feels nice and smooth in the hand.

The end result is somewhat darker than I had expected, and there is not as much chatoyance as some walnut displays. Chatoyance is "the quality of having a variable luster." It's the term that describes what you see when a piece is moved in the light and areas that were pale now appear dark and vice versa. Chatoyance is not dependent upon the luster of the finish, but a glossy finish can enhance the apparent depth of the effect.

Most figured maples (quilted, curly, fiddleback, etc.) exhibit very noticeable chatoyance. Some walnut pieces have it, and some don't. This one has only a small amount.


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