31 August 2005

Flood-Aid recommendation - CERF

This post is in response to Glenn Reynold's (Instapundit) call for bloggers to list a charity or other organization that can provide aid to the survivors of Katrina's wrath.

Some percentage of those displaced by the storm and the flooding are professional craftspeople in many media. They undoubtably have lost tools, raw materials, finished inventory, and in many cases even their studios or workshops. Whether they can eventually return to their homes, or must relocate permanently, they will need assistance to restart their businesses.

CERF, the Craft Emergency Relief Fund, exists to help craftspeople in this type of situation. Through their Emergency Relief program, they can provide for booth fee waivers at participating craft shows, discounts on or direct donations of craft-related supplies and equipment, low-interest loans, and in some cases, limited direct financial support. They also provide many other services and information to craftspeople.

In response to the hurricane, the CERF website has created a "Katrina Message Board" where you can either ask for help if you were affected by Katrina, or offer help, supplies, equipment, etc.

If you are a crafts person yourself, or simply want to contribute to an organization that directly helps creative people to get back to working, consider CERF.

Thanks to Glenn for coordinating the blogburst!


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